Sleeping Dragons


Though the duties of a knight are many and varied, perhaps the least pleasant is their responsibility to poke sleeping dragons in the eye. A wakeful dragon is bad enough, but a sleeping dragon is a whole different set of problems. Upon meeting a dragon, it is a knight’s privilege to do battle with it; however there is no honor in killing a sleeping foe. As a general rule, dragons do not have the best hearing, and, much like the opposing knights, they commonly dream of glorious battles with their sworn enemies; so even when they do hear an approaching knights shouted challenges, they often mistake it for the words of the knights in their dreams. Although it is an unpleasant task, any knight worth his salt knows that the best way to wake a sleeping dragon is to give it a good hard poke in the eye. Unfortunately for the knights, dragons have yet to figure out a comparable way of waking their own opponents, and their adversaries usually end up getting cooked before the creature can finish proposing the duel.